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a thriving workforce and a renowned arts and culture scene make for a desirable mix
Greater Philadelphia is a world-class region with a hometown feel. Our 11-county neighborhood encompasses northern Delaware, southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania. Together, these areas provide a variety of options to buy a home, establish or grow a business, create a niche within the arts, and ultimately, thrive.
Opened in 2015, the Blue Cross RiverRink Summerfest features an outdoor roller-skating rink and boardwalk-style rides and attractions.
is a booming business hub with a talented workforce. Many of the firms in this region are internationally known for their innovation. Greater Philadelphia prides itself on having a business-friendly environment with easy access to programs to launch or further expand your company. We also have the second-lowest office rental prices among top metros. Take advantage of the opportunity to
S expose your firm to a flourishing population where about 46 million people live within a 200-mile radius, with a combined income of $1.46 trillion. In addition to that major tax and earnings base, Greater Philadelphia also attracts millions of visitors from around the
globe each year.
Whether you’re a young professional, graduate student, ambitious job seeker or mid-career expert looking for a new challenge,
opportunities abound in Greater Philadelphia. The region is home to some of the nation’s top universities and Fortune 500 and 1,000 companies. Our top-notch K-12 schools and charming neighborhoods also make us perfect for families looking to relocate.
Greater Philadelphia is ranked first nationally for millennial growth rates and has a workforce of more than 3 million people — the sixth largest among major metro areas. These professionals are highly skilled in several key industries, including life sciences — specifically in the gene therapy and precision medicine space — energy and manufacturing, technology and financial services.
Then there’s our superb arts and culture scene along Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts and Benjamin Franklin Parkway where you can experience some the world’s most vibrant cultural destinations. Around that neighborhood, there is an array of residential, educational, commercial and tourist attractions. Other go-to spots in the region include the Michener Museum, Camden’s Children’s Garden and Longwood Gardens.
Just a short distance away are major cultural institutions such as The Delaware Theatre Company and trailblazing independent venues such as Théâtre Mainline. The venerable Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. and New York City’s world-famous Broadway are less than two hours away, making them perfect for an exciting day trip.
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