Page 25 - Georgia Forestry - Issue1 - Winter 2021
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  Ware County Forestry Unit today and in the 1950s.
     “I will continue to work every day — alongside great organizations like the Georgia Forestry Commission — to protect the lives and livelihoods of all Georgians and cultivate a climate that is beneficial to those hardworking individuals in the forestry industry and beyond.”
— Brian Kemp, Georgia Governor
“Looking ahead to the next 100 years,
it’s vital that we remain open to change while continuously evaluating and planning for the future, shifting resources, tactics and strategies as we go. This ensures relevance to the forestry industry and helps maintain our status as the #1 forestry state in the nation.”
— Robert Farris, Past Director, Georgia Forestry Commission
“As societies change, the foresters
and forestry agencies that serve them change as well. And I am confident that as Georgia and its citizens move into the next century, GFC will adapt to continue this legacy of service.”
— Gary White, Deputy Director, Georgia Forestry Commission
“Over the past 100 years, GFC has played a major role in making Georgia the #1 forestry state in our nation. I believe it
is the most effective and efficient state agency and I am proud to be a Georgian, knowing my taxes are being spent wisely, helping conserve our forestland through wildfire protection, invasive species and insect infestation control, and excellent forest management advice.”
— Larry Spillers, Board Chair, Georgia Forestry Commission
“Over the past 100 years, the GFA+GFC partnership has helped to allow markets for timber and forest products to grow and be competitive, regulations and taxes to be sensible, and private property rights to be at the center of our forest economy.”
— Andres Villegas, President and CEO, Georgia Forestry Association
“Together, we have crafted and implemented some of the strongest Best Management Practices in the Southeast and passed legislation to provide timberland owners relief from property taxes.”
— Andrew Schock, Georgia State Director, The Conservation Fund | 23

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