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                                                                                                                              with the knowledge and skills needed to be a Conservation Law Enforcement Officer,” said Fish and Wildlife Manage- ment Instructor Casey Corbett.
Game Warden is a multi-faceted job that requires protecting both Georgia’s natural resources and its population. Accordingly, students in the A.A.S. in Conservation Law Enforcement program learn about the principles of law enforcement, wildlife policy and law, constitutional law, habitat manipulation and criminal procedure, on top of general education courses. They are also required to participate in an internship during the two-year program, which provides them with invaluable on-the-job experience to help springboard their career after graduating.
While not even a year old yet, the A.A.S. in Conservation Law Enforce- ment program has seen some interest. There are currently 11 students enrolled in the program, and Corbett expects that to grow in the future. Students don’t need to come right out of high school, though. Anyone can apply for the program “as long as they’re interested in a career associated
with natural resources,” Corbett said. Corbett believes that programs like this one at other technical colleges in Georgia prepare students for successful careers in natural resource management and lead to high job placement after graduation. “Regardless of the level of experience a student has coming into school, we prepare them to be ready for the workforce the day they finish their
about Ogeeche Technical College’s Conservation Law Enforcement program, visit
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