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 Bibb Co., GA 5 acres, FOR SALE
Nurturing the Ties That Bind
“Relationships are critical,” said Devon Dartnell, GFC’s Director of Market Analysis and Research. “We serve the landowners of Georgia, we serve indus- try, we serve the entire value stream.”
Yet some prospects that were on the department’s radar are now “on pause,” as Willard terms it.
“We were working on several wood products projects, and four or five of those were new,” he said, “but they fell flat. To invest, companies need certainty, which is not there now.” Willard added that despite the uncertainty, the wheels have not stopped turning. A Georgia Pacific pine sawmill in Albany is cranking up, and several pellet mill prospects are on the horizon. Initiatives surrounding climate change, carbon, bioenergy and sustainability are alive and well.
One event that has always been valuable for outreach is the International Woodworking Fair, held annually in Atlanta. This global convention and expo for the woodworking industry allows GFC to showcase the state’s reliable and wide-ranging forest resources. Regrettably, the 2020 expo was canceled due to the pandemic.
An event that was able to be staged in July allowed GFC to reach a differ- ent, diverse audience. Visitors to the GFC exhibit at the Atlanta Build Expo included building contractors, real estate brokers and developers, forest landown- ers, engineers and architects. Operating with safety protocols in place, GFC staff fielded inquiries about timber removal for development, managing personal timberland, primary and secondary wood-using industry directories, and mass timber.
“Mass timber and cross-laminated timber are big right now,” said Dru Preston, GFC’s Utilization and Market- ing Staff Forester. “They’re big market opportunities for southern yellow pine as a construction material.”
Mass and cross-laminated timber are layered assemblies of lumber that are fastened together using glue, nails or dowels, and that have strength superior to concrete as a structural building mate- rial. The Pacific Northwest and Europe boast many mass-timber buildings.
Jones Co., GA 261 acres, timberland with creek
Jones Co., GA 63 acres, riverfront Jones Co., GA 2 acres, riverfront
400' Lakefront Tobesofkee Listings Jasper Co., GA 320 acres,
Fifty Years and Growing
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