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 where and how they’re used, and then how do we reverse the trend in terms of losing forests to development, which had started. And so being able to work in a much more integrated way.
That’s where you start getting at some of the issues. The other is some aspects of what kind of carbon. Is it carbon and a tree, or is it carbon and a product? And what does that look like? You need to look at the whole life cycle and the potential from whether it be maintaining old- growth forests to solid wood products to the use of mass timber buildings and the emergence of that. And including forest bioenergy. The challenge is when and where and how much, and I think that’s where some of the assessment needs to be done.
We really have not worked through, what are the economic opportunities through all of those markets and the allo- cation of lands for that? What does the distribution look like, what’s the oppor- tunity to access the amount of wood that is needed for the different products? And so being able to look at that in a much more integrated way is a really critical nextstep. 
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