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  “We will go
much farther with a much broader range of influencers and policy makers if we’re working
in this kind of a coalition rather than trying to do it on our own.”
— Dave Tenny
health and healthy soils and water for rural livelihoods. So that’s not it either.
What we really found is, it’s dif- ferences about people’s views on the government. And it’s not just because today, if you think about the sort of politics, there are more Republicans in rural America, that’s true. But rural Democrats and rural Independents also show more concern about government oversight on the environment than their urban and suburban counterparts. And so there’s a real cleavage around people’s view of policy.
And as I presented this research across the country, and a lot of times to folks in the environmental community, I’ve said, you know, this isn’t a problem that’s going to be resolved with better talking points. We’re not going to gussy up the stuff we want to sell [by] appealing to people with poll-tested, focus-group- tested talking points.
It’s going to be important to how we communicate, but we’re going to need to engage with rural constituencies. They listen a lot more to folks that they trust: farmers, ranchers, forest owners, scientists, those types of folks. But we’re also going to need to think about how we do policy differently, and that’s really important in the climate context because things like markets are going to matter; incentives are going to matter.
We’re not going to regulate our way out of this problem on private lands. It’s
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