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My Deep Creek Experience
“My husband and I came to interview in the area in spring 2017. The things that stood out to us most were the population we would get to serve and
the humbleness of the folks who would be my bosses. Additionally, the area itself is quite breathtaking and shows the Lord’s handiwork. Just driving to and from work, there are great reminders of the Lord at every turn.
We moved to town in August 2018 and have absolutely loved living in the area. My husband is a West Virginia boy, so he feels right at home. Our two pups have loved all the snow, and I’m loving getting to experience
a true winter wonderland at times. We have tried our hand at some of the winter sports and still have much to learn, but are excited to continue exploring.
In terms of working here, the patients here are true gems. Additionally, the staff I get to work with at Garrett Regional Medical Center as well as at my primary place of practice, Wellspring Family Medicine, have been phenomenal. They are all so patient and so willing to lend a hand.”
Marlana Bollinger, MD, Family Practitioner, Garrett Regional Medical Center and Wellspring Family Medicine
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