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             North Garrett UM Parish
     The United Methodist Churches welcome you to Garrett County.
For information about our Worship Services and Ministries go to: 301.387.6832
      Horseback Riding Private Trail Rides Pony Trail Rides Winter Sleigh Rides
4151 Sand Flat Road | Oakland, MD 21550 301.387.6890
My Deep Creek Experience
“I am a Garrett County native, married with two children and four grandchildren. Both of my kids left this county and both decided to move back and raise their children here. This area offers so much in all four seasons — the ski resort, parks, lake — it’s truly like being on vacation every day. Extremely friendly and caring people live here. We have met so many great friends that have second homes, so we decided to retire here after
35 years in banking at First United Bank and Trust.
With the resort and vacation homes, Garrett County provides lots of opportunities to start any type of business that would serve this market.
I met Kelly Stieff, an interior designer who lives in Virginia but also had a vacation home here. We realized there was a great need for design services and we both have a passion for assisting owners with transforming their homes.
We started Lakeside Interiors (lakesideinteriordesign.
com) and in just three years, our business is doing better than either of us anticipated. Many people have assisted
us in providing referrals and opportunities. That was key and demonstrates the reasons why we are here in this county!”
Robin Murray, Co-founder, Lakeside Interiors
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