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    LAUREL COLLEGE CENTER A Community of Colleges & Universities
                        Convenient location and class schedules help twins Clarissa and Clara balance college with military service.
                                                    T        advance your career, strengthen critical job skills or pursue an interesting hobby. Choose from dozens of credit and noncredit classes in areas such as
Business, Criminal Justice, and Allied Health – all conveniently located just off Route 1!
Four Reasons to Choose Laurel College Center:
 ONE-on-one attention on a small, friendly campus
 TWO community colleges, offering a variety of credit, noncredit, associate degree programs, job skills training, and personal enrichment courses
 THREE schedule options – daytime,       your busy lifestyle
 FOUR-year partner schools make it easy to transfer and complete your bachelor’s
or post-graduate degree all in one location
   Learn more and register for classes. 866-228-6110

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