Page 19 - Central Maryland Chamber - 2018/2019
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“We have been on Laurel’s Main Street for 19 years. ... The City of Laurel has always wanted Main Street to be
as vibrant as possible. Where there’s been blight, they’ve been proactive in taking that down and adding municipal parking lots. That’s something Main Street certainly needed — more parking for merchants and residents. The city has its own zoning and planning department, which is helpful because you don’t have to wait for the county to make decisions. You can get an answer, and there’s not as much red tape.”
– Kevin McNulty, Resource Enterprises
“Main Street in Laurel is one of the last working, functioning main streets. Being located on Main Street in Laurel gives you contacts to lawyers, insurance
people, mechanics — there are a lot of actual resources that you need to function as a business.
Lately, the city has bought some derelict properties and bulldozed them and has either made space available for development or developed it themselves. That helps with the property values. ... At the northwest end of Main Street, the city put in a public parking lot. So, when people go to the restaurants, there’s a parking lot for them to use now.
Main Street has a great location and proximity to all the highways going to all the major cities, and for any of the folks working with government agencies, this is a good place for them to live. It’s a quiet town, but you can be anywhere you need to be within a few minutes.”
– Sean Underwood, Poist Gas Co.
     Above: The revitalized Laurel Main Street features an eclectic mix of shops, offices, markets and restaurants. The
city offers incentives to businesses interested in relocating to this attractive area. 17

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