Page 16 - Central Maryland Chamber - 2018/2019
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    Howard County’s
Route 1 Corridor
The Route 1 Corridor lies east of I-95
in Howard County and is attractive for its location near rail lines, major roads, BWI Airport and Fort Meade. As a major employment center for the county, the corridor continues to grow its square feet of commercial and industrial space.
“It’s been recognized as being a significant corridor for development and particularly for jobs,” said Peter Conrad, deputy director of Howard County’s Department of Planning and Zoning. While containing only
8 percent of the county’s land area, the corridor contains 30 percent of its jobs. The county is working on establishing a master plan that will further encourage development along the corridor.
Howard County has already estab- lished a Route 1 tax-credit program. The program supports renovations, rehabili- tation and upgrades of commercial and industrial properties and is equivalent to 125 percent of verified expenses.
Major projects that have been developed in recent years or are just getting underway include:
◆ Bluestream, a 254-unit luxury rental apartment community that will front Route 1 (planned).
◆ Mission Place, an Energy Star- certified luxury apartment community in Jessup (completed).
◆ Ashbury Courts, an apartment community situated along Route 1 in North Laurel, with convenient I-95 access (completed).
◆ Laurel Park Station — near the Laurel Park race track and the Laurel Race Track rail station — a mixed-use, transit-oriented development with 1,000 residential units, 127,000 square feet of retail space, 650,000 square feet of office space and two parking garages (planned).
“One of the main reasons for landing here off Route 1 is our close proximity to all major roads. Being able to reach our clients in minutes is of utmost importance. It’s also great for our internal team in their commute from home to work and on-site.
There has been quite a bit of development on Route 1. ... With new development comes new business opportunities to help companies with any IT needs.”
– Ananta Hejeebu, Howard Tech Advisors
“The Route 1 Corridor is a great place to gain additional exposure to customers, which can benefit many business operations based on the increased and increasing traffic flow. ... I’ve watched numerous properties in need
of improvements change hands, be reinvested in and become the homes to new business operations that serve this community over just the past five years, but it’s been happening longer than that. Once-vacant buildings have been leveled and new ones built, and structures that still had good life left in them have been gutted and fully renovated, parking lots expanded and improved and new landscaping added to give these fresh locations a greener, more vibrant and livable feel. Each time a new retail business goes in or an apartment complex goes up and sidewalks connect them, it brings a sense of community to the area, and that will keep the Route 1 Corridor healthy for decades and decades to come.”
– Bob Henig, Bob’s BMW Motorcycles
“Mobern Lighting relocated to Route 1 in Howard County for easy access to Washington, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore. Over the years, industrial development along the corridor followed, and a stable, reliable, local industrial
workforce developed in the surrounding counties (Prince George’s, Anne Arundel and Baltimore). As a result, companies like Mobern were able to flourish. In 2014, Mobern was forced to move from its outdated headquarters and decided to stay along the corridor (in spite of many competing alternate locations), primarily due to the ample workforce and available transportation throughout the neighboring counties. Since the move, Mobern’s full-time workforce has increased roughly 25 percent.
Howard County leadership understands the importance of the Route 1 Business Corridor and has done its best to provide and promote ample transportation and affordable housing for the corridor workforce. Unfortunately, more has to be done
to bring able and willing workers from distant locales, such as Prince George’s and Baltimore counties, so that those needing jobs can live and work nearby. The Central Maryland Chamber has been vocal in promoting these initiatives. ... In time, we fully expect these initiatives to amply serve the Route 1 business community.”
  – Bob Claire, Mobern Lighting

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