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 Riverside Stinger’s Waterfront
The dazzling showpiece of
a newly-renovated Ridley Township Marina, Stinger’s brings waterfront dining to Delco —
just a stone’s throw away from the entrance of the Delaware River and the Philadelphia Airport.
With a huge, open-air waterfront bar and
intimate outdoor dining, there’s no longer a need to drive down to the Chesapeake for a romantic, sunset meal on the water.
 Main Line Minella’s Diner
In the case of Minella’s, we think the term “diner” is a bit of an understatement. We think of it as “diner
plus.” That’s because
it has all the classic diner ingredients: HUGE menu of comfort foods, a bakery that will make your mouth water, and 24/7 hours; PLUS a
few options you might not expect, like online ordering and a liquor license — which means you can have a beer
with your burger
or a Bloody Mary
with your brunch.
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