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Manager of the 2018 BMW Championship
In November 2017 representatives from Destination Delco visited Aronimink Golf Club and spoke with Alex McCarty, Manager of the 2018 BMW Championship conducted by the Western Golf Association.
According to Alex, “Aronimink Golf Club is in the second stage of a major restoration of the course that will return the terrain to its original configuration as designed by Donald Ross in 1926.”
The first part of the restoration was completed in early 2017, and when we arrived in November much of the landscape was filled with heavy equipment in the process of refurbishing bunkers, seeding fairways, and leveling driving tees and putting greens.
“Over the years,” Alex continued, “banks of individual bunkers had worn down to become one bunker. The course reconstruction will separate them and bring back the views and shadow lines as envisioned by the designer.”
“The rebuilding was a members decision,” said Alex. “And the golfers have been very understanding of the inconvenience, while looking forward to playing the course the way it was intended... as well as having the BMW Championship here in September.”
Get a real sense of the course the pros will be playing through Destination Delco’s online Hole-by-Hole Interactive Map. Through the map, you can follow the players from tee-off to the green of each of Aronimink’s 18 holes. The map includes photos of the greens and fairways and helpful hints on playing the holes as well as their pitfalls.
Visit the map on any device at
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