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2SP Brewing Company >
Anytime you can enjoy an ice-cold Delco Lager in 2SP’s tasting room with a few good friends, it’s a good day. When you can have the beer and grab dinner from the deliciously fun food trucks outside, it’s a great day. When you can have the beer and the dinner AND the Delco Cruisers with their cars that bring back the glory days of American automobiles, well, that’s about as Delco as it gets.
The Avenue Delicatessen >
We’re not exactly sure how chef Laura Frangiosa came up with the idea to combine two great American
deli traditions (Jewish and Italian), but we are big
fans of this cozy, creative, bicultural eatery. We’re partial to
the Challah French Toast and the South Philly Chicken Cutlet, but the “outrageously perfect Reuben” (as described by one Facebook reviewer) will convince you that The Avenue is the greatest international partnership since the U.N.
 Main Line A Taste of Britain
Even though we declared our independence 240 years ago, that doesn’t mean that we pesky colonists wanted to say goodbye to everything British. After all, who would want
to miss out on a good Beatles playlist, a “Downton Abbey” marathon or a scrumptious afternoon tea? For 25 years, A Taste of Britain has been serving sweet tastes of the old country: loose leaf teas, handmade scones, clotted cream, lemon curd and more. Whether you come in as an Anglophile or someone just looking for an elegant lunch, this regal dining experience might leave you humming a chorus of “God Save the Queen.”
 Main Line
Autograph Brasserie > Autograph
The latest creation from restaurateur Marty Grims (of White Dog Cafe and Moshulu fame), Autograph Brasserie has quickly become the signature restaurant on the Main Line. The menu is inspired by flavors and dishes — culinary autographs, if you will — from France, Spain, Italy and America, with offerings that include charred Spanish octopus, house-made gemelli with shrimp and 40-day, dry-aged rib-eye steaks. In a
nod to a time when autographs were the selfies of the day, hundreds of autographed photos of pop icons fill
the walls as part of a decor that is handsome, quirky and distinctively Main Line. DESTINATION DELCO 23

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