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 Main Streets Dining Under the Stars
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to
whip out your passport, hop on a plane and find yourself eating dinner at a lovely outdoor cafe in Europe? To take the time to unwind with friends over a bottle of wine and amazing food all under the beauty of a star-filled summer night? Now that would be a meal to remember. Luckily, for us, those types of meals happen
all summer at Media’s Dining Under the Stars. Every Wednesday (from May through September), State Street is transformed into an old-world promenade, where tables fill the streets, restaurants showcase their signature dishes and friends — old and new — enjoy a meal together. And no passport is needed.
Grace Winery’s Dinner in the Vineyard
If you like farm-to-table dining, a meal at one of Grace Winery’s Dinners
in the Vineyard will be a dream come true. The experience begins with
an exquisitely set table among the vines, the empty wine glasses almost waiting with anticipation to be filled with their fruit. The dinner features locally sourced and seasonally focused ingredients, many of which are grown on the winery grounds or at farms nearby. As the sunlight fades, the warm glow that comes from being surrounded by everything good
— good food, good wine and good friends — surrounds you as you relax amidst the fireflies and crickets. Not surprisingly, reservations to these little moments of paradise get snatched up quickly since they only happen once a month when the weather allows, although the winery’s five-course Cellar Dinners keep the farm-to-table dream alive all year long.
Romano’s Stromboli >
The next time you take a delicious bite of a warm, doughy, cheese-filled stromboli, make sure you thank the pizza gods for the culinary genius of Delaware County entrepreneur Nazzereno Romano. In the winter of 1950, Romano began experimenting with dough, cheese, Italian meats and vegetables and created what looked like a rolled-up pizza. During that same time, the global press was filled with stories of the love scandal surrounding actress Ingrid Bergman and director Roberto Rossolini, who had just released the movie “Stromboli.” One of Romano’s regulars suggested he use that name for his sandwich, and a new Italian staple was born. Today, customers still enjoy “original” strombolis at this corner eatery in Essington, and everyone agrees they are still a work of art.
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