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 Main Line Paramour
Aparamour may be someone you love in secret, but we’re standing on the rooftops declaring our affection for this elegant eatery at the Wayne Hotel — and so is everyone else on the Main Line. Name a “Best of” award and Paramour has won it: “Best Hotel Restaurant,” “Best Fine Dining” and — our personal favorite — “Best Wine List.” One Google reviewer had this to say: “Whether we
eat in the dining room or enjoy food at the bar, we totally LOVE Paramour — and selfishly I want
it to be the ‘Best Kept Secret’
in Wayne!” Luckily, for all of us, there’s nothing “secret” about this paramour anymore.
44 DESTINATION DELCO Fall 2017/Winter 2018
 Main Line Ardmore Music Hall
Just like the diversity in
our neighborhoods, the diversity in our music venues is one of our biggest assets. Whether it’s full-scale, stadium-sized concerts or intimate spaces with cutting-edge performances, we got it. And the Ardmore Music Hall is one of the best ones around. Lots of Delco natives can tell you how they spent many nights jamming to acts like the Dave Matthews Band, Phish, and Hootie & The Blowfish back when the building was called the 23 East Cabaret...or how
they used to hold up their lighters (yes, lighters — this was before
cell phones) to a cover band at Brownie’s 23 East. Well, today the tradition of great performances continues, as the building has
been reinvented to be a top spot for the perfect night out: hearing great music, eating great food and enjoying great friends.

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