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Rather than wait for the Spring market, the Fall
and Winter seasons may be the best time for
you to sell your home for a number of reasons.
° Less competition means fewer comparable
homes for sale, increasing the probability
that buyers will see your home.
° 'Tis the season of serious buyers. In fact,
serious buyers will use neighborhood cues
such as outdoor holiday decor to determine
which neighborhoods are right for them.
°The best agents will know how to adapt to
the season and market your listing. If a real
estate agent doesn't suggest how to make
your home more desirable for the current
season, you should be concerned about the
creativity the agent will use (or not use)
‘ s when marketing your home.
§\ 2  ° Simp|e"seasona|” staging such as adjusting
E 7:; 5;, the color of the decor or having an aroma in
‘ :_: If the air that is relative to the time of year can
i E l \ go a long way with some potential buyers
l E; and possibly be the difference between a
,v,—  » home selling or not.
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Q E LfllE§A§‘E§,Q§T;R° 240-223-4663

wrmam Ramon 301-907-1600

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