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       Main Streets 320 Market
Around Delco, we are always sad to see summer go...but we get over it quickly with the annual October arrival of 320 Market’s “Donut Burger.” A culinary masterpiece you have to taste to believe, the Donut Burger features grass-fed beef, artisan cheddar, BACON, locally grown apple slices, and drizzles of caramel . . . all stacked between two halves of a Linvilla Orchards cider donut. In January, we shovel a path to either the Media or Swarthmore location for a Girl Scout Cookie Flight — four kinds of cookies, four kinds of beer. The rest of the year we never leave 320 without their can’t-miss appetizer: homemade pico de gallo. Affectionately known as “cracko-de- gallo” to those in the know.
     Riverside DiCostanza Sandwich
> 1930 Market Street, Marcus Hook, PA
There are a number of theories about the birthplace of the legendary Philly hoagie, but one
name that comes up in every discussion is DiCostanza Sandwich. Rumor has it that Catherine DiCostanza threw
a sandwich together for a late- night customer at the family’s grocery store and made gastronomical history. Three generations later, this no-frills sandwich shop is still serving up “the best subs/hoagies
in the area — maybe the
state or even the country,”
as one Facebook reviewer
put it. Customers have been known to drive from neighboring states for this specific taste
of Delco, so come prepared for a wait — but we promise it will be worth it.  DESTINATION DELCO 47

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