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FRobotics Program at Boys’ Latin is Fun and First-Rate
OR THE PAST DECADE,theRoboticsprogramatTheBoys’ Also,theupper-schoolteam,TheLumberjacks,continuesto Latin School of Maryland has been racking up accolades  while integrating the world of robotics as part of the world championships.
education of these young men. Students start with projects such as building LEGO models with motorized parts, and work all the way up to robots that can perform a variety of sophisticated functions.
“The robotics program at Boys’ Latin gives our high-achieving boys in grades 3-12 a challenging, exciting, and truly excellent way to engage in real-world engineering problem- solving and to compete in the ‘varsity sport of the mind,’” says Head Robotics Coach Anne Kellerman.
In January, Boys’ Latin hosted “Roboquake on Lake,” an exciting day of events including a FIRST LEGO League (FLL) tournament and a FIRST LEGO League Junior (FLL Jr.) Expo.
“While winning another district event and earning the opportunity to compete at the FIRST World Championship were exciting, by far the greatest accomplishment this year was seeing our seniors graduate to study engineering
at top-ranked universities including Georgia Tech, Case Western, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech and Cornell,” adds 
Best of all, the students love the program. “As a member of

drawings and bring them to life as actual three-dimensional objects,” says senior Matt Post. “Being able to help design and create robots is a really fun experience.”

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